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Vagmant® 1926 Century Mossanite Necklace

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Wear a Vagmant®, Rule the Spotlight

Designed in New York by the world’s finest jewelry craftsmen at Vagmant, famously known for creating premium jewelry, the Vagmant® jewelry will leave an impression that won’t be forgotten in a long time! Dazzling with moissanite fire, experience the unique feeling of being in the spotlight when you wear this stunning necklace.

Thanks to an innovative, unique and exclusive technology, the Vagmant® 1926 Heartstrings Collection offers a revolutionary design that allows its moissanite to continuously be in motion, causing it to sparkle non-stop, creating a brilliant but pleasing dazzle of color.

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What is Vagmant® Moissanite

Moissanite is one of the best diamond substitutes in the marketplace. Though similar to diamond, Moissanite offers more brilliance thanks to its high refractive index hence more fire. Moissanite is natural-occurring but rare since it comes from meteorites. Today’s moissanite is lab-made and contains same qualities as natural moissanite. Vagmant® Moissanite are all lab made in high-tech lab facilities and of the highest quality standard in the world!


Product Details:

  • Gem Type: Vagmant® Moissanite
  • Color: Perfect White (D or E)
  • Carat Size: 0.50 Carat
  • Necklace Length: 45cm (Adjustable)
  • Durability: 9.25 (Extremely durable)
  • Mohs scale: Vagmant® Moissanite~9.25 / Pearls~2.5 / Moonstone~6.5 / Sapphire~9 / Emeralds~7.5
  • Brilliance: Refractive index 2.65
  • Cut Grades: Ideal cut
  • Material: 925 Silver

World Famous Vagmant® 1926 Heartstrings Collection

The Vagmant® brand is known for creating stunning moissanite jewelry pieces that sparkle non-stop, thanks to an exclusive design that allows the moissanite stone to slightly move non-stop and create a sparkling effect. For instance, the Vagmant® 1926 Heartstrings Collection, famously known as Vagmant’s revolutionary masterpiece will transform you into the star of any event.


Unleash the Brilliance that Comes with Moissanite

Each piece of Vagmant® product is made with extra care and attention to detail. Our craftsmen spend as much as 30 hours to carefully handcraft each item with extreme precision. Vagmant® enhances your décor so we are devoted to delivering unequalled mastery in style and design in our products. Experience artistic excellence is a product design to showcase your taste in luxury.


Experience Being in the Spotlight with Vagmant®

Whether you’re out on a date, at an event or a social gathering, being in the spotlight comes with ease when you wear a Vagmant® jewelry piece. Experience the awesome feeling of being the spotlight when you wear a beautiful piece like the Vagmant®1926 Heartstrings. Create an impression that’s hard to forget!


Unparalleled Brilliance with Moissanite

Though similar to diamond, Moissanite offers more brilliance thanks to its high refractive index of 2.65 as against diamond’s 2.42 which means it has more fire than any gemstone in the world. When you wear high quality moissanite like the Vagmant® Moissanite, best be ready to rule the spotlight as you emit sparkling eye-catching fire.


Hand-crafted to Perfection

Made by hand by the world’s finest jewelry craftsmen, every jewelry piece is made carefully with high grade Vagmant® Moissanite. It takes up to 1 week for this process to be completed from start to finish and have your order ready for shipping. If you love hand-made jewelry designed to perfection, Vagmant® jewelry is for you.


Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Vagmant® jewelry makes a perfect gift item for any occasion, be it an anniversary, proposal, or any important celebration. Gift yourself or someone special this stunning jewelry piece that will make you stand out. It’s the best quality you’d find anywhere and is fairly priced when paired to a 925 Silver option.


Environmentally-friendly and Conflict Free

Vagmant® jewelry is designed with ethical, environmental-friendly Moissanite stone made in the lab under the best conditions. Unlike some diamonds which are mined from conflict zones, Vagmant® Moissanite is lab-made using a high-tech innovative process to create the best quality, moissanite stones that would shine brilliantly forever regardless of usage.

Our Vision for Vagmant®

At Vagmant®, we are committed to designing the most stunning Moissanite jewelry products. To achieve this reality, we have imbibed a culture of innovation, design artistry and excellence to create the most exotic jewelry products you’d find in the jewelry market. We plan to consistently improve our products and expand our network to 5 elite flagship stores in 5 countries, USA, Canada, UK, Paris and London by 2023.



What is Vagmant® Moissanite?

Vagmant® Moissanite is a lab-made moissanite created in high-tech lab facilities and of the highest quality standard in the world. This particular moissanite stone has one of the most long-lasting sparkle-fire even more than diamond.

What is different between Moissanite and Diamond?

Similarity – Diamond and Moissanite have similar brilliance and are both colorless-looking gemstones.

Difference – Diamond has a colorless sparkle compared to Moissanite which has a colorful, rainbow-like sparkle, thanks to its higher refractive index.

Can this jewelry last a lifetime?

Yes, the Vagmant® silver jewelry can last a lifetime. All our jewelry use 925 Silver which can be cared for by cleaning with a mild soap and water solution the patted dry and stored in a clean, soft felt material to preserve the shine.

Why is the Vagmant® so affordable?

The reason for this is simple; we believe that everyone regardless of their station should be able to own high quality Moissanite jewelry. We offer this product with the 925 Silver option to make it even more affordable.

What is the band material?

Vagmant® jewelry is mostly paired to the incredible sparkling 925 Silver necklace which looks great regardless of what you wear.

Where can I buy a Vagmant®?

You can only buy a Vagmant® EXCLUSIVELY on our Vagmant® online stores. Please note that there could be fake look-alikes so only place your order on the store.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do ship worldwide. For all US orders, delivery is fast and takes 3-5 business days. International delivery to other countries takes 7-10 days to get delivered. You can refer to the estimated delivery date for your order locally when you proceed at the checkout page. Kindly note that express delivery orders will cost more than standard shipping.

What size do you offer?

Typically, Vagmant® comes in a standard size designed to fit perfectly on most people. Kindly visit our website for more information before placing your order for your high quality Vagmant®.

I selected normal shipping but would love to receive my delivery faster, is it possible?

As long as your order is still in our warehouse and not yet shipped, yes, we can change it for you. Please email us immediately for us to proceed with the modification.


1081 Reviews

David R.
“I am in love with my Vagmant necklace! It goes everywhere I go. It’s even better in person. Photos don’t do it justice ❤️.”

Tom G.
“Very good quality brand. I have found nothing not to like about their products.”

Anne F.
“Customer service was great ; product came exactly as described.”

Robert P.
“I absolutely love my Vagmant necklace the quality is excellent!!”

Rosie E.
“Beautiful and Fast shipping, just 7 days.”

Estelle P.
“So much premium quality for very little money – It’s such a deal really. I love it.”

Bertha O.
“Thanks for the gift very nice fancy.”

Nathan K.
“Beautiful, I would like to order more.”

Lovette M.
“Very nice Vagmant necklace arrived really very quickly I am very happy with my Vagmant purchase. It will be chic to go out in this necklace…”

John N.
“Delivery to Moscow in a month. A beautiful Vagmant necklace. I’m happy, I advise.”

Nathan K.
“Soooooo pretty and good ! will wear this for long time.”

Anderson R.
“If you are still thinking of getting a Vagmant product, go ahead. It’s worth every dollar.”

Mervin L.
“I love everything about their designs. Quality all through…I have a feeling this brand was made for me.”

Garry K.
“Everything about it screams quality. Recommended.”

Nikos G.
“It’s beautiful and I just hope my wife will feel the same when I gift it to her as a birthday present. Personally, I feel it’s a beautiful gift and can’t wait to see her reaction.”

Wouter L.
“The pricing of Vagmant is incredible and far above my expectations.”

Loren U.
“Very satisfied but very long delivery 2 months.”

Dominiq B.
“Fantastic brand and the reason is clear for all to see.”

Sharon R.
“Vagmant Is Simply Amazing! I was surprised at the price at first but later learned they were so affordable.”

John N.
“I love it it’s soooo shiny.”

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Vagmant® 1926 Century Mossanite Necklace
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